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Camp Allen

Cottage of Grace has been sending its kids to church camp at Camp Allen for the last several years and has seen a blessing from the kids that attend the Camp.

Camp Allen is located 25 miles north of Poplar Bluff and 100 miles south of St. Louis on highway F 3 miles off of Highway 67.

CAMP ALLEN provides camps for 2nd graders thru 12th graders in the summer. Classes are offered in spiritual growth, life building skills, arts and crafts, personal enrichment, with worship services being held each night. A qualified nurse and trained counselors are in attendance for each camp held. Christian camping is fun, it is a great place for good fellowship, a great place to meet new friends, a time for sharing and expressing your own ideas and share in the ideas of others.

Camp Allen, there is no way to describe the friendships that can develop in just one short week at there, you must experience life there to understand it. So get your friends together and join the Camp Allen Staff and Counselors this summer and make new friends, and share the experience of Camp that will last a lifetime!